Guatemalan Mission Trip

This last week I had the opportunity to accompany my friend Pastor Byron Dardon on a Mission Trip to Guatemala. We left at about 6:30am July 12, 2011 from West Palm Beach en route to the airport of Miami for a 10:45 flight to Guatemala City. A two hour flight where I also saw my first illegal alien being escorted to the plane by two sheriffs. Below is Father Michael who with our Carmelite sisters Madre Julia and Hermana Margarita are doing a great Job at the valley of the Angels.

We arrived in Guatemala City and spent the rest of the day getting organized for our trip which was to last until July 18, 2011. Our itinerary included: San Jose La Arada, Chiquimula, San Pedro De La Huertas, San Jose Manzana in Santa Catarina Pinula, Aldea Los Ocotes, Guazacapan, Santa Rosa and Guatemala City. Read about trip:  (


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