The Compendium is not a work that stands alone, nor is it intended in any way to replace the Catechism of the Catholic Church: instead, it refers constantly to the Catechism by means of reference numbers printed in the margins, as well as by consistent reliance on its structure, development and contents. In fact, the Compendium is meant to reawaken interest in and enthusiasm for the Catechism, which, in the wisdom of its presentation and the depth of its spirituality, always remains the basic text for catechesis in the Church today.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is now also in a mobile-friendly format, perfect for iPhones, Blackberry devices, and web-enabled cell phones. We’ve stripped out the graphics, simplified the formatting, and employed standard mobile conventions for navigation — but we’ve have retained all of the features of the Catechism that have made it the most popular one on the internet.

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a Fire Within (Updated)
by Thomas DuBay

This is a must read for those looking either to begin, or to deepen their prayer lives. Father Dubay, with brevity and clarity, covers all the foundational elements of each type of prayer (vocal, liturgical, mental, contemplative, etc.). For those already experienced with vocal or liturgical prayer, this book will help you evaluate your prayer life and determine how to further develop your relationship with God. For those who already have a solid understanding of meditation and contemplation (within the context of the definitions provided by the Church and the spiritual doctors of the Church), you might look to “Fire Within” instead (by the same author). However, even with experience in these areas, this book might prepare you well to evaluate your prayer life in each important area and move to better navigate deeper waters.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

thebetterpartcoversmall5The Better Part: A Christ-Centered Resource for Personal Prayer
by Father John Bartunek, LCNo one who is learning or desires to learn to pray more deeply and meditate more effectively on the person and work of Christ should go without this book. It offers a basic but at the same time sufficiently comprehensive overview of how to meditate in the Christian tradition (no New Age or Hindu/Buddhist influences here.) Beyond the solid instruction on meditation method, Father John provides us with meditations through the four Gospels and group study questions at the end of each of the 303 meditation units.

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The Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: a Primer for Clueless Catholics

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