Hermits of Bethlehem

http://laycarthusians.homestead.com/Lit1.html…. made by the Hermits of Bethlehem, Paterson, New Jersey. in 1999/2000 (not to be confused with the French Community of Bethlehem.) Surrounded by trees and prayers is a laura of hermits.(Men and/or Women) The Hermits of Bethlehem are an approved laura of hermits, of diocesan rite, living under canon 603 of the new Code of Canon Law. There appears no age limit on seeking a vocation, simply a deep desire to live this life with God the Father, though Jesus Christ His Son, in the power of the Holy Spirit. The Laura has both male and female hermits. Though I am not sure it is fair to call it a mixed community because of the manner of life. The hermits spend most of their time praying the canonical Divine Office in their own cells or working on a task in solitude. Hermits have the Blessed Sacrament reserved in their own cell and pray before It many times a day. They eat, work and perform Lectio Divina “alone with the Great Alone”. They meet only for daily Mass that ends with 20 minutes of silence before the closing benediction. No other offices are prayed in common except for Sunday.   SEE MOVIE

CHESTER – Calling the Bethlehem Hermitage here “holy ground,” Bishop Serratelli helped celebrate the hermitage’s 30th anniversary of being a peaceful place of quiet, contemplative prayer. READ MORE


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