Via Crucis

This past summer of 2010 I had the opportunity to visit Padre M. Domenico Fiore at the Santuario della Madonna del Granato in Capaccio, Italy. These are the stations of the cross that are there as you approach the top of the mountain. To see the Italian web-site and read some of the story in as well as see more photos go to the Madonna del Granato web site.

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E sorta cosi in quest’eremo carmelitano, la devozione dei Quindici misteri di passione: uncammino di compassione, percorso insieme alla Vergine addolorata, contemplando Gesu che si a avvia al Calvario.

Each year the Christian community of Rome, together with great numbers of pilgrims from around the world, gathers with the Successor of Peter at the Colosseum on the evening of Good Friday, the liturgical memorial of the Lord’s Passion, for the traditional devotion of the Stations of the Cross.

Stations of the Cross at the Colosseum


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